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Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey - client reviews

Manalapan, NJ Client

I can't thank you enough for coming over with your team to do the investigation. You guys were so amazing and fun at the same time. I truly feel like we're FINALLY getting to the bottom of what has been going on here for years. Just for you guys to take out the time on a weekend for so many hours was humbling. It makes people like us know that you are true professionals doing what you do.

May God Bless ALL of you with love and happiness. Regardless of your findings, it was very healing for our family...our family and friends talked most of the night- and as you can see at this hour,I'm still up but about to go to sleep. I just wanted to thank all of you again for taking the time to share in our home experiences in it's special way.

Hawthorne, NJ

Experts from Paranormal Consulting are solely responsible for the new sense of peace and tranquility in my home.  For close to two decades we had been annoyed, surprised and sometimes frightened by strange sounds, voices and odd happenings, including pot lids flying across the kitchen and pictures flying off the mantel, loud male voices in conversation over our heads, loud footsteps in the attic and a variety of strange subhuman shapes, either dark shadows or glowing lights.  From the first exploratory meeting to the final reveal, Joann, Pat, Mike and Dave were professional, sympathetic and highly knowledgeable.  They helped me realize that I have more control over my home than I thought, and empowered me to confront these energies and reclaim our space.  They also actively engaged these energies and were able to remove them from our home.


Since PCINJ was here, the house has been quiet, and if any manifestations recur, I know what to do for myself and my family, and if necessary I will not hesitate to bring PCINJ in again.  I most highly recommend them.  

Eileen - Hawthorne, NJ

Brick, NJ

Again just wanted to say thank you and the team, they were very nice courteous and respectful! Also professional and they did their job with a nice even flow, which it look like they have doing this for a long time... You have a great team and will recommend you to people.


Thank You,


Livingston, NJ

I cannot thank you and your entire team, enough, for doing an investigation at my home. Not only were they professional, Pat, Mike and Andrea were truly an amazing group with such passion in helping us with what was going on inside our house.  That's true dedication to what your group is all about.

I am very happy and satisfied with the reveal! There was some audio and video that was captured from the investigation that proves there is spiritual activity in our house...

Thank you, again, for arranging the investigation at my home and for your team, dedicating their time to help us.  You are all awesome.


Warmest Regards,


Rhonda Berry, Psychic Medium

I have had the pleasure of being part of the PCINJ team as their consulting Medium/Psychic on many of their cases. PCINJ cares about their clients. They are professional and accurate in the execution of the investigations they perform. I am amazed at the speed of their follow ups and the way they care and relate to their clients. Many paranormal teams do not recognize mediums. I found PCINJ not only recognizes me but embraces me as a medium. They integrate both my readings and the clients experiences into their investigations. I love them all and thank them for trusting and embracing me in their investigations.

Montville, NJ

Thank you to Joanne and her wonderful team for putting all their time and resources into the investigation at our home. You guys are so caring and sympathetic to what my family was going through. From day one the professionalism and dedication was amazing. Thank you for bringing peace to our home again.


Lin - Montville NJ

Burlington County, NJ


I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in getting the consultation taken care of. It was a big help and it has been a big load off of my daughters mind. Again thank you so very much for all your help.



One of the perks of paranormal investigating is getting to meet so many wonderful people along the way. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of making many new friends among our clients, and we’ve received many wonderful “thank you’s” as well. We’ve finally decided to share them here, so below are just some of the more recent comments we’ve received. Many thanks to our clients for allowing us to share these with you!

Elmwood Park, NJ


I seriously couldn't be more thankful and happy for the hard work the team from PCINJ conducted. For longer than I can imagine, people have discussed paranormal activity on the land we live on, and so I decided to reach out for help. The work the team put in to discover any reasoning to all the questions we had surpassed my expectations.


They are very passionate in what they do, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. They were fun to work with and very helpful along the whole process. I used to get nervous when experiencing anything paranormal on the property and now they helped me learn how to better approach any future situations I may encounter.


It's also comforting to know that they are always willing to help if I have any further questions or concerns in the future. I would highly recommend this group to anyone that is dealing with something paranormal, whether you have a quick question or a huge concern and need an investigation.

Thanks again for everything you have done!